Adapt vs. Adopt: The Value of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

How MuleSoft Creates a Composable Enterprise as an Extension of Your Core Business Applications

Featuring: A comparison case study breaking down the total cost of ownership and velocity adopting MuleSoft Anypoint Platform vs. adapting an existing API infrastructure


There are different approaches to tackle the incredible challenges posed by modern-day integration scenarios. Our engineering team has decades of experience in integration, which is why we want to share the impact of adopting MuleSoft Anypoint Platform vs adapting an existing API infrastructure for an integration strategy.

98% of businesses are currently using APIs, yet 88% said that integration challenges are hindering their digital transformation efforts. 

As an IT leader, how much time and money have you spent on the following:

- Creating a centralized catalog of all APIs and their documentation
- Establishing different connectors to different systems
- Creating the ability to reuse assets into each API
- Managing the interconnectivity of those APIs

If you have put any thought into the above, then you’re most likely neck-deep in integrations, facing challenges that prevent you from scaling at the speed you need, and unable to innovate in places you need to.

Download this whitepaper to learn the benefits of leveraging MuleSoft to manage the entire API lifecycle and extend your API infrastructure across your enterprise.

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