Adapt vs. Adopt Case Study

How MuleSoft Creates a Composable Enterprise as an Extension of Your Core Business Applications

The case study compares the journey of how two businesses, with identical requirements, addressed their integration challenges and the impact on corresponding feature rollouts. 

Business A had spent a significant investment in building an infrastructure to extend their core business data and developed APIs to grant access to their core systems with a level of abstraction from direct access. They were then tasked to develop APIs to create connectivity across a multitude of systems. There were enough pieces in place that they could convert their existing application into a repeatable platform to build APIs to serve the business request to integrate with the additional systems.

Business B selected MuleSoft Anypoint Platform with CloudHub to tackle these scenarios, using MuleSoft best practices to extend their core platform to other systems without overtaxing their team.

The Adapt vs. Adopt case study breaks down each approach, the impact on project velocity, and the total cost of ownership for both businesses, revealing how using MuleSoft Anypoint Platform provided a 54% cost savings in the initial stages of API initiatives.

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