Building a System of User Engagement with Salesforce Fueled by MuleSoft

eBook read time: 10 minutes

The ebook follows the fictional technical visionary, Clark Piggins, on his path to discovering the transformational capabilities delivered by using Salesforce and MuleSoft together as part of an enterprise architecture strategy. 

Many technology leaders engineer great custom solutions to address their business needs but struggle to maintain and extend those solutions as those needs change. Clark’s story illustrates how savvy IT leaders can eliminate the barriers that block projects and continuously innovate with solutions that scale.


Download the ebook to learn:

•  How the Salesforce Lightning Platform maps directly to 3-tiered architectural model concepts and accelerates time-to-market.

•  How MuleSoft’s 3-tiered API-led connectivity architecture allows engineering teams to eliminate most of the grunt work.

•  The logic of Services APIs, Process APIs, and Experience APIs, and how they interact within an Application Network.

• How MuleSoft fuels the Business Tier to marry with the Salesforce Presentation Tier in a 3-tiered architecture.

• How the concepts apply to integrate internal and external systems for an insurance business scenario.


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