The legacy approach to connecting data from vendors like CoreLogic, TigerRisk, and more to your policy management system is not scalable. In fact, many insurance carriers face significant business challenges that have severe repercussions when trying to apply external data for policy risk calculations.


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  Aaron Shook, CEO & Founder at Green Irony

Aaron has spent his career helping enterprises understand the technology landscape and how to properly apply the right technology and architecture to advance their strategic business objectives. He gained and developed his expertise as an architect at IBM and then PointSource where he led a broad range of enterprise technology software projects. Aaron is driven by helping clients solve new problems through innovative thinking and leading the Green Irony team in rapidly implementing best-in-class software solutions.

   Ron Reed, Director of Strategic Services at Green Irony

Ron has dedicated his career to delivering successful technology solutions. He has had extensive expertise within financial services, from policy system migration to agent and consumer-facing insurance capabilities, where he has ensured reusable system integrations remain at the forefront of the solutions being delivered. Ron's experience as a business analyst, product owner, and solution architect gives him a unique perspective to lead technology teams and balance value and risk for clients.


“Green Irony’s MuleSoft expertise, integration strategy, and API architecture has set the foundation for our future innovation initiatives. We’re now positioned to scale and efficiently deliver the customer and stakeholder experiences required to be more competitive and profitable.”

-Chris Griffith, CIO at UPC Insurance





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