The Value of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

A Perspective from a Lifetime of Engineering Experience in Integration & Middleware


No matter what new digital transformation initiative is on your mind, integration is the key requirement for making it happen. Without sound integrations, transformation initiatives die a slow and costly death, never accomplishing the required business objectives. 

There are many different approaches to tackle the incredible challenges posed by modern-day integration scenarios. Our team has used just about every pattern, platform, and programming language to tackle those challenges. That experience is why we want to share the benefits of the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform compared to building an integration platform from scratch. 

Download this whitepaper to gain insights into:

 - The technical landscape of integrations
 - How MuleSoft compares to alternative approaches
 - Reinventing the Mule: Can an enterprise just build it themselves?
 - The staff and expertise needed to execute using MuleSoft vs. building your own integration network
 - The total cost of ownership of the two approaches 
 - A comparison case study - Homegrown vs. Mule - revealing the velocity and total cost of ownership to develop APIs using both integration approaches

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